Parishes and communities

pursuing the renewal of integrity in their sacred music are also in need of various practical resources in order to facilitate this renewal. Among these are sheet music / scores for the choir and worship aids for the congregation. Music directors need a convenient way to know the Proper texts for each Sunday and Feast day throughout the year. It can also be beneficial in many cases to provide catechetical materials pertaining to sacred music, for children and adults.


New Music

We begin here by offering compositions by Paul Jernberg for the Ordinary and Propers of the Mass. Beyond these published scores, we have many others, presently in manuscript form, which we plan to publish. We welcome special requests for new settings of the Propers for specific Sundays and Feast days, and whenever possible we will try to fulfill these requests.

The highest reaches of music belong to the Church’s liturgical tradition; and a sort of “high point” seems to have, somehow, been attained in the polyphony of the European Renaissance. Benedict XVl has spoken explicitly of this achievement. In the music of Paul Jernberg, we have authentically contemporary liturgical music which arises gloriously and faithfully from this noble tradition.
— Thomas Howard, Author and Scholar

Traditional Chant and Polyphony

Among the many good resources available in this regard, we would first recommend a few websites with vast collections of traditional repertoire which can be downloaded without charge. The first is the website of the Church Music Association of America (CMAA), . Here you will find a wealth of digitalized scores, books, and much more.

The next website, , has an immense collection of choral scores, traditional and contemporary, which are all in the public domain. There is so much available here that one needs a guide so as to know where to look for specific needs. In this regard, an excellent starting point is the website of Cantica Nova, , which provides the Proper texts for every Sunday and Feast day throughout the three-year liturgical cycle.

Another excellent website in this regard is , which offers not only scores of traditional and new music, but also practice videos for both Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony.


Other Parish Aids

For those singing the Mass of St. Philip Neri, we have melody-only scores designed for congregations, which are available in pdf format upon request. It is also in our long-term plans to complete a series of catechetical materials which will provide a step-by-step introduction to the what, why, and how of sacred music renewal.

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The Mass of Saint Philip Neri

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We provide new beautiful repertoire, by our founding director Paul Jernberg and others, which has the gift of resonating strongly with people of good will today, while being firmly rooted in our great sacred music traditions.